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Safety Information

St. Agnes Carnival Safety Advice.

As part of our responsibilities in organising the procession, we are keen to keep all participants and spectators as safe as possible.
Below is some information to help you, your group and the spectators safe during the Carnival event.

General information.

The consumption of alcohol during the procession is prohibited.

Please nominate a member of your group to be responsible for all aspects of safety and to act as a point of contact between your group and the Carnival Committee both before and during the event.

Children under 14 years of age must have an adequate number of adult supervisors who will be responsible for the children.
Keep any groups of children together and well away from any moving vehicles at all times.

Although arrangements are available for first aid, it is advisable to carry a small kit. We recommend that you carry drinking water to stop the effects of dehydration.

We discourage crowds from throwing coins as it can cause serious injuries. We encourage participants to act as donation collectors during the procession by carrying buckets and receiving donations that way.

We also encourage participants not to throw sweets from the procession as they can encourage children to pick them up from the street which has the potential to cause serious accidents with children in amongst the moving vehicles.

The spraying of water into the crowd is discouraged.

Please ensure that all electrical items in use are fitted safely, waterproof and are suitable for outside use.

Float specific entries.

The Carnival Committee accept no responsibility for the vehicle being transported to or from the Carnival event.

All float entries must have a completed Carnival Entry form which is signed by a ‘responsible person’ for the float which agrees to abide by the rules and conditions of entry.

The vehicle and any trailer must be in legal and roadworthy condition. The trailer must not exceed the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. The total length must not exceed 9m.

The owner of the towing vehicle is responsible for ensuring that they have appropriate insurance to cover their vehicle and any passengers on board during the event.

Maximum speed during the procession is 5 mph and drivers should endeavour to keep up with the vehicle in front to prevent large gaps in the procession occurring.

The driver of the vehicle must have a clear view of the road ahead and both sides of the float at all times.
Adults walking alongside the float who can be clearly seen by the driver are recommended to give additional vision as the procession route is very busy in places.

If there are people on the float they should be seated in securely fixed seats, or use securely anchored restraint harness’ or there must be adequate handrails or sideboards to protect them from falling off.

Nobody should ride on a float with their limbs hanging over the edge at any time.

Nobody may go between the towing vehicle and the trailer when it is in motion.

The number of persons on a float should be restricted to a reasonable level.

Only mount or dismount the float when the vehicle has stopped moving.

All Carnival participants must act in accordance with instructions from the Police and or Carnival Marshalls at the Carnival field and along the procession route.

Join in, have fun, be safe!