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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part in the St. Agnes Carnival?
The simple answer is everybody. We accept entries from large floats, through to groups in costumes, down to individuals, in fancy dress.

Can Children take part in the procession?
Yes, however an adult must accompany individual children under 14. For group entries from a family or organisation, a sensible ratio of adults to children must be applied.

Can we collect money for our own charity?
No, all the monies collected on the Carnival route will be used to fund next year’s Carnival and donations to organisations in the St Agnes Community.

Does the Carnival Committee have to agree the design of the entry?
No, design of your entry is your responsibility.

If this is your first attempt, do not try to take on too much or too large an entry.

If you intend to use a lorry then remember that it is unlikely that it will be available until the morning of the procession and therefore your float will need to be partly built before the procession day.

Does the Committee supply a vehicle?
No, responsibility for finding the vehicle remains with the entrant.

The number of Lorries available for hire or loan in the local area is very limited and unless you have a personal contact with a company you may find it difficult to find this type of vehicle.

Before carnival day you will need to contact your insurer to ensure that you have appropriate insurance: this means you will need to notify your insurers of the use to which the vehicle will be put on carnival evening : the owner of the vehicle (NOT the carnival committee) is responsible for the safety of all who travel on your vehicle on the way to, during and after the procession on carnival day.

The Police may ask to see insurance documents during the Procession.

Have fun – but be safe. Remember all entries must read and abide by the Carnival Rules!

How are Entries judged?
The Carnival Committee appoints  independent judges, some from outside the parish of St Agnes.

The judges will be fully briefed and will award prizes as set out on the entry form. Please note: No entry can win more than one prize, except Best in Carnival.

All categories will be judged on the assembly field starting at 6pm and along the procession route.

Judges will looking for qualities such as: presentation & general effect, originality, topicality and inventiveness.

Can we stop on route and perform a Routine or Display?
Yes – But Mind the Gap! Please remember that when you stop, the whole procession behind you, including the Bands, has to stop too. So keep your routines short & snappy, stop only in the designated areas and do your best to close up the gap.

Will there be refreshments and toilet facilities on the Carnival Field?
Yes there will be a Refreshment Van and temporary Toilets.

Are there toilets on route?
The Public Toilets opposite the Sorting Office in Churchtown will be open.

Is there Parking Space in the Carnival Field for Entrants?

Yes. Parking is available at the back of the field. A Carnival Marshall will direct you. The field will be locked at 10 p.m so remember to collect your vehicle in good time.

How will we know if the Carnival is cancelled?
It is highly unlikely that the Carnival will be cancelled – whatever the weather.

What happens next?

Completed Entry Forms to be handed in or posted to Goundrys Estate Agents,
Churchtown, St Agnes TR5 0QW and received by 11.30am on 2nd August 2022 at the latest.
Categories can still be entered on the afternoon of Carnival Day providing that any such entry forms are handed in at the Committee Tent in the Carnival Field by 5pm, but it will help enormously if you can enter before that.