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Entering The Carnival

Whether it is to advertise your business or group, show off your artistic talents or you and friends just want to be a part of our carnival, we would love to welcome you to enter our procession. And there will be prizes for each category. Click here to view the categories and prize amounts. Scroll down to read the terms and conditions of entry.


Paper copies of this form will be available to collect and return to Goundry’s Estate Agent in St Agnes in July.

Conditions of entry are stated below:

  1. Any child (under 14) needs to be supervised during the procession by an adult.
  2. Entrants are instructed by the POLICE not to throw ANY missiles (e.g. sweets, eggs, flour, water or smoke bombs during the procession).
  3. Entrants agree to hand over monies collected during the procession for the funds of the Carnival Committee.
  4. FLOAT ENTRIES please note: To ensure the safety of all concerned it is ESSENTIAL that vehicle owners have appropriate insurance in place for this event as they are responsible for the insurance of their vehicle and the safety of any passenger on board during the procession.
  5. ALL THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR FLOATS MUST ensure that all passengers on their float are seated OR the sides of the vehicle/or safety rails are in place and that there is NO alcohol on board. Floats failing to comply with rules 4 & 5 (before and/or during the procession) will be asked to leave the procession. All floats will be inspected prior to leaving the assembly field. Articulated vehicles with a trailer in excess of 9.5m (30 feet) will not be allowed to take part in the procession
  6. Any children’s groups on motor vehicles must include 2 supervising adults.
  7. No horses/Live stock or Steam Engines are permitted to enter the St Agnes Carnival.
  8. All Performances must be limited to 3 minutes or under.
  9. Any photos of entries taken by us are the property of the Carnival and by signing this form you are agreeing that any images may be used by the Carnival Committee

St Agnes Carnival supports responsible use of alcohol.