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Additional special prizes were awarded this year to:

Clarissa Mortison-Fowler won 2nd Prize in Class 11 – Adult Single Walker, and the committee presented Mrs Mortison-Fowler with a bouquet of flowers as she was our most elderly entrant (Aged 92).

A new cup, which is currently being designed, to reflect the Best in Show entry which encompasses cross-generational participation, was awarded this year to the SLOBS ~ this creative entry included participants aged from about 7 – 70. The new award is a memorial trophy for our late Chairman Chris Neal ~ very much a family man ~ who passed away earlier this year. He is sadly missed by us all.


*Classes are described in more detail here.

Class Position Name Entry
1 1st Daniel Scoble Cyberman
2nd Caitlin Knuckey Dora the Explorer
Runners Up S. Mortimore Wells Buttefly Fairy
Aimee Penrose Alice in Wonderland
Runa Holt Lady Bird
Oceana Minchin-Foat Fairy Queen
Shelby Wells Little Fairy
2 1st Natalia, Saskia & Paige Pascoe Flamenco Dancers
2nd Lloyd & Freddie Skein, and Robin Searle The Cat in the Hat
3 1st Joan Watson Chariots of Fire
4 1st Charlotte Colman St Agnes Bugs Life
2nd Goonbell Riding Centre Goonbell Emu
Runners Up Mr A Legg & Co Don’t Let Summer Go
5 1st Paul Solomon A Cracking Carnival
2nd Manley Family Ugly Bug Ball
6 1st Jenny Brooks Woodland Nymph
2nd Ashley Banfield Austin Powers
7 1st Tom Whitworth & Dom Firth Mario Kart
2nd River Foers & Hannah Turner Batgirl & Supergirl
Runners Up Rosie Brook, Robyn Hendy, Joanna Lilly Micky, Minnie and Pluto
8 1st St Agnes Scouts Bear Grylls meets St Agnes Scouts
9 No Entries
10 1st Danielle Symons, Ashley Penrose, Holly Coad Indian Queens Royalty
2nd Par Royalty
3rd Kimberly Prophet, Praise Robins & Anne Marie Bolt Truro Royalty – Queen & 2 Attendants
11 1st Richard Northey Wise Old Witch
2nd Clarissa Mortison-Fowler Celtic Lady
3rd Susan Bennetts Gangster
12 1st Truro Samba School Des Pasista, Dancers & Samba Band
13 1st Tom Benney All Sorts
2nd J. Atkinson & K. Pilgrim Wanderers
14 No Entries
15 1st Stan Angels Vintage Tractor – Massey Ferguson 35
2nd J.F. Manley Vintage Lorry
2nd Mr Grace Classic Car
16 1st Surf School Surf Flu Surf School
2nd Seven Milestone Garage Magnificent Sevenmilestone
Atlantic FM Promotional Vehicle
3rd Pirate FM Promotional Vehicle
18 No Entries
19 1st The BEASTS Fat Cat Bankers
2nd The SLOBS Zulu Rising
3rd St Agnes Bakery A Matter of Loaf & Death
3rd Dan Benney, Paul Selby, Joe Francis & Stew Girvan Sergeant Peppers
20 1st Jackie McLellan, Liz Chapman & Friends Tonto, Lone Ranger & Friends
21 1st Railway Inn Dr Who
2nd Miners Arms A moment at the Miners – past, present & future
3rd Driftwood Spars Peter Pan & the Jolly Drift
3rd The St Agnes Hotel Euchre-Lay-Le

Special Prizes ~ Judged en Route
Best Child Walking Runa Holt Ladybird
Best Adult Walking Richard Northey A Wise Old Witch
Best Musical Contribution The Beatles Sergeant Peppers
Best Humorous Contribution The SLOBS Zulu Rising
Best In Carnival The SLOBS Zulu Rising
Most Successful Carnival Collectors Amount Collected
Individual Mr Richard Northey £99.46p
Group The Football Club £201.46p